Nystrom Paper Dolls

Gregg Nystrom is an artist living in Houston,
TX. All his life he has been fascinated with
drawing people, especially their faces. The
movie stars from Hollywood and the beauties
of the modeling industry particularly held his
interest. From the silent stars of the 1920s to
the modeling greats of the 1960s, they were all
inspirations to him. As a child, he always loved
miniature things, and this combined with his
fascination for drawing people has evolved into
his paper doll artwork which is now being
recognized around the world.

Having grown up in the 1960s, Gregg still
vividly remembers the bright colors and mod
patterns of the fashions and those things have
stayed with him. He has always been
interested in the models in the fashion
magazines, wanting to find out more.


Linda Morand by Gregg Nystrom
Linda Morand by Gregg Nystrom

All-Dolled-Up-A-local-artist-turns-paper-and-other Linda Morand PD

Linda Morand PD-black