Former Ford model brings thousands of the Twentieth Century’s most beautiful and iconic fashion and beauty images to light, identifies the models and networks them together with each other.


By: D. Wilson

It began when Linda Morand, a painter and writer, began posting stories and pictures from her private blog “Diary of a Mod Model, written in New York, London and Paris in the Sixties.  This confidential “members only” underground website attracted many former supermodels and top photographers who have scanned their favorite images from fading magazines and sent them to Morand, resulting in this ever-growing archive of over 21,000 images.

Many people are finding and posting retro images on the Internet.  What sets this group apart is the network. Scores of long-lost fashion industry friends have been reunited, forming an exciting emerging community and a lively discussion group of peers and like-minded people. They regularly contribute restorations and scans of many images that have not been seen in forty years or more. The group’s efforts have inspired museum exhibits, books, documentaries, magazine layouts and several models reunions around the country. The miniMadMOD60s/50s-60s-70s Model History Groups have done this for eight years by locating magazines, digitizing the Bodies of Work, identifying the Dates, Art Directors Photographers, Models, Editors, Publications, Hair and Make-Up Artists. Thousands of scans have been sent in by members. In many cases the models themselves have worked with us. Other industry professionals have generously donated photographs, information and funds enabling us to maintain the website. ____________________________________________

CONTRIBUTORS: Linda Morand, Susan Camp, Bonnie Thomas, Alex Dayrell, “Vogue Spirit” “Model History” Dolores Hawkins, Willy van Rooy, Joan Thompson, “GeorgesDaughter”, “ModelBrat60s”, Terri Smith, Jaan Stephens, Susan Brainard, Kecia Nyman, Willy van Rooy, Moyra Grant, Dorthe Holme, Ulla Anderson, Moyra Swan, Tracey Weed, Andrea Derujinski, Daniel Patchett, Dinah Dillman Kaufman, David Frank Ray, Harry King, Sandy Linter, Kathy Davis, Jolina Mitchell Pat Evans and many more. __________________________________________________________

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