Headsheets 50s-60s-70s

TOP MODELS OF THE SIXTIES <<< Click this link to see the data we have collected.


Thousands of images of the top models wearing the coolest fashions.  This gallery is due for renovation. The models are listed by first name.

Click to enlarge this “Groovy” article from Teen 1966


When Was Supermodel First Used



  1. You found my mom!!! I can not tell you what you have done for her at this time in her life. Her name as a model was Jane Gallop and was with Wilhelmina & Zoli at the time. She left home at 15 and traveled the world and her dream continued as she has three beautiful daughters following in her footsteps, and now a third generation doing the same. We grew up on her photos and stories and memories and she recalls her modeling days as “when she really lived” I don’t possess the words to tell you how impeccable your timing was or to stumble upon your page at this time in ALL of our lives. She is my hero, and is one truly remarkable woman-Gabrielle Adamo (UGLY NY/Alt Model) , my sister Vanessa Adamo (Wilhelmina Wee Willy) Bianca Lavey-her beautiful children Madison Crawford & Grayson Davis. THANK YOU


    • Dear Gabrielle: I am so glad you found us. I have quite a few pictures of your Mom, jane Gallop, whom I have met back in the day. I will be happy to send them to you. I will make a big post for her on my main website and here.


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