Jackie objected to a model looking so much like her and was not pleased to be the older and less pretty one according to the articles. Linda decided it was better to move to Paris and stay there rather than face the former First Lady’s wrath. A few years later, Ms.Onnassis threatened to sue because of a layout in Vogue Paris by Helmut Newton, where Linda Morand, modeling as herself with her own name printed in the article, was universally mistaken for Jacqueline Onassis striding through the streets of Paris.

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EXCERPT FROM “Memoirs of an Accidental Countess”  by Linda Morand

For years  wherever I went, people would  come up to me and say the same phrase: “Did anyone ever tell you, you look like Jackie Kennedy?”  What was I supposed to say?  “Yes, you idiot, everyone has told me!  And it drives me crazy.”  As a descendant of the highland Scots, I  am a fierce individual.  I felt defensive when people pointed out the likeness.  What is the use of being considered beautiful if you can’t be original?  I didn’t want to be a carbon copy of anyone.  Still, it beat being a tall skinny geek who couldn’t get a date in high school.

The Collections in Paris were coming up and I wanted to go.  The office was crowded as a few of the top models stopped in.  Eileen liked when the girls came by.  She treated them like daughters.  Sunny Harnett told me that Eileen would like to speak to me.

Eileen was by the table where all the bookers sat.  There were charts for all the models that slid back and forth.  I had been moved from the Testing Board to the Junior Board.  The phone was always ringing and the bookers chatted in several languages.

“I had a talk with  Diana Vreeland. “  Eileen said.    She is not amused that you look so much like Jacqueline Kennedy.  She doesn’t want you in Vogue. I am afraid you have an enemy of sorts.

“Diana and Jacqueline are very good friends. She has known Jackie since she was a child.  Their families have socialized throughout the years.  Diana arranged for the Dior dress and hat the Jacqueline wore at the funeral to be flown over by courier within a day.  I had a feeling this would happen.” Eileen shuffled some composites on her desk, the girls who were chosen to be sent to Paris.  I saw mine among them. “That is why I was reluctant to sign you at first, she said.  “However, we will work around it, making sure you are styled as differently as possible. You are going to Vidal Sassoon.  Let’s see what they can do.”